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Multiwallet platform

icoinsoft exchange platform

Multiwallet platform

IcoinSoft Multichain Platform allows you to manage all blockchain assets in one app. By using our killer app, you won’t need to separately connect to blockchain systems.

By integrating the Multichain Platform you gain control over incoming and outgoing transactions, are able to create addresses, and verify authenticity of wallet addresses. You won’t have to waste money on a big team of blockchain developers and heavily invest in blockchain consortiums and fan clubs. You can simply connect to those blockchain assets that you want to. With Multichain Platform you'll get support for 90% of all existing digital assets, tokens and smart contracts in the world. You'll be able to add new assets with one click.

iCoinsoft exchange platform

iCoinSoft Exchange is a platform that allows you to launch your own cryptocurrency exchange. In just two weeks you can start generating revenue from trading blockchain assets, including 7 of the top 10 cryptocurrencies, stocks, shares, rights, and more. The solution is ready-to-run and able to work with existing exchanges, online-banks and etc. You will get support of 90% of all existing cryptocurrencies and tokens on Ethereum.

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