iCoinSoft Exchange Software

Development and Support for trading platforms. Launch your own cryptocurrency exchange with the iCoinSoftware trading engine, which comes with all-inclusive 24/7 technical support.

iCoinSoft helps you to adopt blockchain technology into your existing business. You will be able to launch your own digital asset trading platform or integrated multi-wallets into your system. Our Digital Platform is ready to be implemented and run in one month

We’ll take care of the tech side:
simply get a fast exchange that fits all your needs

We'll handle all the IT-related requirements involved in the launch of your exchange, taking into account all of your potential needs for additional functionality and scalability in the future.

We will launch the project on your servers or cloud
space and, if needed, will provide all technical support

API integration with any PSP is possible
Support for BTC, ETH, TRX, BCH, BTG, LTC, XMR, DASH and more.
Support for any Ethereum, Tron, Waves and NEO based tokens
Integration with any API of KYC providers
Connection of nodes for any blockchain
Possibility to host nodes on your servers or cloud space
Total control of customer funds from your side
Ability to connect any fiat wallets
2FA authorization
White lists of IP addresses
DDoS attack protection
Apply your own KYC rules
Utilize a comprehensive system of cold, warm, and hot wallets
Database Encryption
Possible API integration with any online payment systems
Automatic customer deposits and withdrawals
Ability to connect affiliate system to reward referral program participants
Detailed reports on all transactions
Ability to add funds to the account through manual bank transfer
Technical ability to create any number of fiat wallets
Complete control of customer funds from your side
Automatic transfer of customer funds to your cold wallets
Cold storage

Focus on your business, we'll think about all the 1200+ IT processes running in the background

Our team will take care of all of the IT requirements related to your new exchange, so that you can focus more of your time on the business side. Take your time to dive into marketing, financial and legal support.
Offer your ideas.
We're always ready to take on new challenges!
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Reduce your go-to-market time with an experienced team in blockchain

Our team has been working together for the last four years developing and implementing different projects in the blockchain sector. We have several IT security professionals from the banking sector to ensure that our solutions meet the highest level of security standards. Our developers have tremendous experience not only with blockchains but also with high-load systems.

We use both proven technologies and effective innovations. Our team does a deep dive on all of your technical needs so that you will get a 100% useful and working product. We will take care of any technical issues in an almost unimaginably short time.

100% comfort as you work with us

Projects entered the TOP-20 world ranking

Access to the demo site for testing software

The first 4 months of tech support is free

During this time, we focus on the testing and launch of the exchange, with payment included in the project cost

Work on your own servers

The management is completely in your hands as is the full ownership of all your assets and data

Cooperation with legal entities and individuals

We can make deals for you in accordance with your status and wishes

Only “white” deals

Official payment of work and services to a US account

The path from setting initial tasks to giving you the keys to your platform is achievable in only 8 steps

Discussion of your needs and desires
Signing a contract
Payment transfer
Getting started by connecting our software to your servers or cloud space
Development of a unique design with our partner “IdeaSoft” that can develop any user-friendly interface that you desire
Ensuring the server, OS, and software work smoothly. IT engineers are working on launching all systems to fully implement the functionality chosen by the client
Reporting on all components of the launch process
Free and comprehensive 24/7 technical support for the first 4 months after launch, and later by agreement, with the possibility of full or partial outsourcing

Frequently asked questions

Will I get an independent instance of the

Yes, You will get an independent Instance that will be yours to control.

Which cryptocurrencies does the platform support?

Support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, TRON, Waves, Neo and more.

Is it possible to add more?

Yes, we can add more blockchains on your request.

Does the platform support a custom branding? Can it be done from scratch?

Yes, you can have any design you want.

Are all standard trading options supported (limit / market / stop loss orders)?


Is KYC procedure provided?

Any KYC provider can be integrated.

What is the technology stack in use?

C#, .NetCore