Multichain Platform

iCoin Software

iCoinSoft Multichain Platform helps you to adopt blockchain technology into your ongoing business. With iCoinSoft Platform you can:

  • Launch your own digital asset exchange
  • Integrate multi wallets into your system
  • Or launch a token market

Support of 90% of all existing digital assets

IT security checks passed - 2 operational clients

Performance scaling and flexibility

Time & Money saver on initial development


iCoinSoft Digital Asset Exchange is a white label solution ready to be implemented and run in two weeks.

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iCoinSoft Multichain Platform is an application which helps you to manage any blockchain asset. You will be able to add any new token or smart-contract in one click.

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About Us

Our team has been working together for the last four years developing and implementing different projects in blockchain. We have several IT security professionals from the banking sector to help our solutions meet the highest level of security standards. Our developers have tremendous experience not only with blockchains but also with highload systems.

Contacts us

Whether you’re looking for a consultation, or would like to learn more about our project, please contact us.